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Longiarù: a paradise for hikers in Val Badia

Outdoor summer activities in the Puez-Odle nature park


 Summer dream!


The village of Lungiarü is located in the heart of the Puez Odle National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009, surrounded by Dolomite peaks, woods, flowering meadows, crystal clear waterways: everyone will find a spot to fall in love with.

Having then preserved its original appearance intact, Lungiarü is a true open-air museum where the peasant tradition is still rigorously documented.

You can set out on foot directly from Ciasa Linda towards the majestic forms of the Dolomites to reach places like  Antersasc, Cima Dodici, the Puez plateau with the mountain hut of the same name, Medalghes, the Genova refuge , and the breath-taking panoramic view of the Peitlerkofel at 2,872 meters of altitude.

Easier but equally enjoyable are the walks in "Valle dei Mulini", the "Roda dles Viles" and the climb to the Vaciara Alpine hut on the scenic meadows at the foot of the Peitlerkofel.

For those who prefer alternative means, there are numerous trails on horseback or by mountain bike.


For further details see: https://ita.bergsteigerdoerfer.org/2486-2-Escursioni-Lungiarue.html